Why my brother in Perth got new solar panels

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Solar panels can be very beneficial, cost effective and very environment friendly source of renewable energy. In my bid to fathom why my brother in Perth got new solar panels, I came up with the following guide of the things he might have considered before getting the solar panels. You might also need to consider the same factors and circumstances before you decide to install solar panels.

Condition of your home

A solar panel is suitable for you if:

  • You own a home with an expansive roof of more than one hundred square feet. The roof should be unshaded and in good condition. My brother owns a bungalow with an expansive tile roof in Perth.
  • The weather conditions in your area of residence should be favorable. The weather should be preferably sunny for you to get maximum from the solar panels. The weather in Perth is sunny like inmost coastal towns.
  • Do you like the idea of owning a solar panel or do you need a solar panel? If the answer is yes and the aforementioned conditions are favorable then you are a good candidate for purchase of a solar panel.

Choose the best solar panel

Once you are ready to purchase a solar panel in Perth, consider the following features to ensure you get the best panel:

  • The cost per each watt produced by the panel
  • The amount of energy a square feet of the panel can produce
  • The life-span of the solar panel
  • The price of the solar panel

Get the best deal

You should look to get the best solar panel at the best possible price. You can ensure this by:

  • Comparing the price and performance of solar panels from at least three companies.
  • Record the warranty information of each solar panel from each of the three selected stores and compare.
  • Look out for the experience and track record of the contractor for the installation of the panel.
  • Go through customer reviews to find out what experience users of the gadget you are about to buy have with it.

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