Building a bird house for your garden

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bird house

Watching birds fly in and out of your garden can be a very pleasant sight. If you are a bird lover then you would surely appreciate it if a variety of birds began visiting your garden every day. You can encourage birds to visit often by building a neat little bird house for them. Building a bird house for your garden not as complex and intimidating as building a real house; it is a simple project which can be completed within a short period of time. Once you finish it, you can watch as birds slowly occupy the bird house and give you a visual treat every day.

Building a bird house for your garden is easy, but you do need to put some thought into how you are going to build it. Wood is the recommended material to use for construction. Any metals should be discouraged, because metals tend to get very hot in the summers, and this could turn away birds who try to settle down inside. Wood is also recommended as it is a less expensive material, and it will be a comfortable option for the birds as well, since it relates to trees, which are natural homes for birds.

While Building a bird house for your garden, you have to remember to put in multiple holes in the holes to make it easy for the birds to enter and leave at will. Lots of ventilation is recommended because that is how the birds like it. The holes should not be too large or too small. If you are trying to encourage a particular bird to start using the house, then the holes should be of a perfect size for that particular bird. The insides should be grooved so that the bird and its babies will find it comfortable to climb.

Apart from the design of the bird house, the placement is also quite important. The bird house should be placed in an area where there is no danger to the birds from predators or anything else which might pose a threat to the birds’ lives. If the birds sense any threat, they would not even come close to the bird house. So make sure that the placement and height of the bird house are just right. Then the birds will feel quite safe about the bird house, and will gladly come in to settle down.

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