About HFG

Are you retired? If yes, then we are really glad you made your way to our website. Here at Hiex Fairgrounds, it’s our mission to encourage elderly and retired people to become active again, to build new things.

Construction is often regarded as a very difficult thing to learn and if you don’t have years of training and experience you should never approach to do anything by yourself. Instead you should hire a contractor for any kind of building needs you have.

That’s a myth.

HiexFairgrounds.com will prove to you, that you can very well learn basic construction skills by just following our easy guides. It’s not as difficult as you might think to install a solar panel on your house roof, to replace your fence around the house or even to repair your washing machine.

We’ll have it all covered with step-by-step tutorials that are targeted to people above the age of 60 and very easy to understand and apply. And don’t forget:

Construction is fun and learnable by everyone.

Whenever you have some questions please leave a comment on one of our posts and we’ll answer it for you and everyone to see.

And also please don’t forget to share our site on your favorite social media accounts so that we can make this the biggest community of retired construction loversĀ out there!

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